Episode 51 | Common Struggles in NIL Content Creation

And I love , I love your perspective on it . What's it like to be a female in the crazy world of men's sports ? Hm .

Episode 42 | How NIL is Empowering Female Athletes

What , even though I know you're not doing it , you're , you're doing it for the love of football . But what has it been , like , being a female and a , in a male dominated sport ? I mean , it's definitely , like , I think every day I have to prove myself because my , like , 100% is the guy next to me .

Women athletes doing NIL better than men in college sports | LeverUp NIL Show

They're , they're tall , like not saying much , they delete their posts , athletes who are big time , I would say more than 50% of them have a habit of wanting to have less than 10 posts showing on their Instagram , they delete their post . Women athletes are the exact opposite . It's completely different and you know , we get , but it's the impact on women's sports is , is , is one of the things I don't really have data right now .

Six@Six: Game Changer: NIL and the Re-invention of College Sports

So this may not the best question you have yet . But when I think about the , the specifically the female athletes on the lower end of the spectrum , where's most of their money coming from ? Is it social media posts like Instagram or I don't see them with the the , you know , $13 million Adidas deals .

Collegiate NIL... The Wild West of Sports | Brent Blum | Ep. 17

So it just depends on the school and , uh , where people want to allocate their dollars . Yeah , it's , it's , it's hard to keep up with some days , but that's uh , women's sports in particular . It's actually , it's been fun to watch for because I've always appreciated the Iowa State women's basketball program .