Episode 44 | Benefits and Challenges of NIL for Students, Parents, and Administrators

Give them some tools and strategies that are gonna help them at the end of the day , provide their student athletes and their coaches with a great experience . I talked to an athletic director recently and she told me a high school athletic director and she told me that her biggest challenge was recruiting quality coaches that there's a crisis in coaching . Now , how did , how did we get , how did we get there ?

Eccker Sports Episode 14 - NIL Value: Diane Bloodworth and Ewuraba Buckle

We have junior college players and transfer portal play . So we can really help those coaches , you know , build their roster and have data driven discussions around who they want to recruit . Uh We make it really easy for them to filter out the recruits that would not fit their program and then just focus in on those that would .

Eccker Sports Episode 14 - NIL Value: Diane Bloodworth and Ewuraba Buckle

Right ? So they're gonna have to up their recruiting . I think an example of when recently James Madison University , I know we spoke to some of their folks in recruiting and they're in a different world now , you know , in terms of making sure they're recruiting the athletes to be competitive , that's really interesting and it's a really interesting issue and I , uh there's obviously a lot to take into consideration whether it's a and I mean , people don't necessarily understand , you know , it , it comes down to everything from like what level of research grant your university can get to , you know , the TV deals and streaming services aven the , the , you know , the sports realm when it comes to TV deals .

NIL Recruiting And Advice For Young Players And Parents W Nebraska Football GM Sean Padden!

I made 1800 bucks that first year , uh living in a dorm , eating in the cafeteria like I was a freshman all over again . But you got to coach your own position , you got to recruit your own area , you got to run your own meetings when I became , you know , as I got up to higher levels beyond that and , and helping full time position coaches , I was so much better at being prepared and being able to anticipate what they needed for meetings , what they needed to be prepared for themselves . So those first couple of years as , uh you know , as a guy just grinding it out , making no money at the D three level , really , in my opinion , paid off because I had a much better perspective when I became a graduate assistant , uh at the University of Albany .

Eccker Sports Episode 14 - NIL Value: Diane Bloodworth and Ewuraba Buckle

They also know if um and IL was allowed at their in their state , at high school level very easily on the profile will show if it's prohibited or allowed and if they have any existing deals . So , you know , we believe in having really good robust data available for those coaches that they need when they're , when they're recruiting . Yeah , and I , you know , I mentioned my affinity for analytics and , and things like that and I A Arab , but you're the first person who's been younger than me that we've , that we've had on the podcast that we've worked with .