Episode 50 | Creating Hope and Possibility Through Sports

But I remember and I can only say it my way just being this little girl on an August afternoon saying God , if you're real , when I grow up , can you help me do this for other people ? That's , that's my purpose , creating hope and possibility through sports , for the people who need it most , whatever that looks like . Well , that leads me to the second pillar of our company .

Up On Game Presents NIL Playbook With The Coach And The Professor What Is NIL

Uh Maybe , you know , uh maybe it's not as much as you would want , but maybe it's a , in a career in a , in a , in an industry that you're trying to learn about because you could see yourself in that career later in your life , right ? So there's the goals are so important . Um And , and , and I , and , and here's where I'm gonna stop talking because I want , I wanna hear your view on this .

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So you're getting to live that part of this , this circle . And pretty soon you'll complete that circle when your kids use athletics to better their lives and you will have accomplished your goals . So thank you for joining the podcast here at the players nil and we wish you all the best .

Up On Game Presents NIL Playbook With The Coach And The Professor What Is NIL

I , I am a goal chaser . I am a goals chaser . So it's so interesting that we would say what determines your nil goals .

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We're not even gonna talk about it for the 1st 3 to 6 months that we're working together . Because our philosophy on that is if you really want to play college athletics , if you really care enough to play college athletics , nothing that we say or we do should be what you need to hear , to have the motivation to work hard when it comes to practice and when it comes to games and when it comes to preparing yourself , we're not here to convince you that playing college athletics is the right thing to do for you . That's your job in your own brain to decide that you want to do that because you're the only person that can motivate yourself to do that .