Episode 51 | Common Struggles in NIL Content Creation

Maybe it was there a time where you had to reach back deep inside and say I'm gonna keep going , share with us a little bit about that . I think the main thing that sports really teaches athletes that can apply into the real world . Real world world .

Dave Meluni | The Best Way To Position Yourself For An NIL Deal

Athletics is when you compete , you know , it's preparing to compete as an athlete . Athletics involves preparation , practice winning and losing all those life lessons . Let's talk about sports first .

Episode 48 | How NIL Can Provide Real-World Business Experience for Athletes

Um , I think , uh , too many people feel like they have to make an impression and , and really focus more on what they're gonna say than what the other person is saying . And I think that that's probably the biggest thing that I've learned is I've been able to take away a lot from a lot of different people and , you know , in general , people that work in sports , they're , they're really great people . There's a lot of great people there .

Episode 39 | An Attorney's Take on the Current State of NIL

The best teachers I ever had were my coaches , some of whom I'm still in touch with . Um , you know , learned , learned a lot more , uh , about success and failure , playing sports than really anywhere else and about , you know , overcoming adversity I had , uh , you know , a bad injury in high school that I had to overcome . And , um , you know , you learn what's in your control , you learn what's not in control .

Episode 27 | Dream Big with The King of NIL

You know , better than almost anyone in the country . Give me a few lessons that you learned along the way to a young kid , maybe in high school that wants to play sports in college that thinks name image like this is something that they're interested in . Give us a few tidbits and words of advice from the grandfather of Nil , the king of Nal Rawn Smith .