Um There are businesses that are exchanging dollars or some sort of value for players doing social media posts . A lot of these athletes have significant social media followers and um , you know , that's the , they , they'll pay the athletes to essentially promote their business or whatever they want on their social media accounts . Um There's just a wide variety , there's , and the way that this is even trending now there's appearance fees , you can pay athletes , appearance fees .

NIL Revolution

We handle everything from the contract to the completion of that contract and even tax preparation . Today's athletes are using social media to build audiences that are enviable by celebrities , their follower account and their bank account are forever linked . According to open door , the vast majority of n revenue has come from posting on social media apps .

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We knew Nil was not a matter of if , but when I think the o'bannon case and other happenings legally showed us the road map that it was going to happen , but nobody knew exactly when . And so we just wanted to start helping athletes with their social media , help you build your brand , right ? Help you make the most of the time when you're playing at the school you're playing for and use that stage to set the stage for the rest of your lives .

NIL Rules with Lawyer

Um Additionally , you really have to look at the terms of those deals then because values and compensation is oftentimes largely dependent on the actual deliverables of the athlete . If the athletes just has to post once on social media , obviously , he's going to get paid a lot less than if it's a multiyear deal with tons of deliverables . So you can't look at it in a , in a vacuum .

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Um That was fascinating to me and um really interesting way to promote uh a brand , some of the other things we've seen though . So for instance , social media , I think is a , is an expected um way that , that we would think , you know , athletes will be promoting themselves and deals , right , that we'll see through social media . Um We , we did hear about an athlete who now is on social media and actually is providing restaurant reviews .